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Lockdown Sessions [2020 Digital]


As the world entered a new shade of darkness, Lara Fabian imagined a creative way to keep on growing flowers from the inside. Lockdown Sessions was a time for Lara to explore and unlock a new way of writing, singing and making music. Instead of plunging into despair, Lara sat silent and navigated to the deepest corners to create these peculiar musical EXPERIMENTS. Listen and fly freely to each experiment on Lara Fabian’s Lockdown Sessions.

This brand new specialty album is available to fans exclusively through the store.

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  1. Listen to the silence
  2. I remember
  3. Song for a child
  4. Le Passage
  5. Dance under the rain
  6. Reinvention
  7. Fenomenology
  8. Feminicide
  9. Live your life
  10. Dichotomie
  11. Introspection
  12. One