June 5 2020

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One year after the immense success of Papillon, Lara Fabian’s most recent album, the internationally renowned singer-songwriter is proud to release a reissued version of this album, Papillon(s). This new digital reissue contains all 11 original album tracks, with three exclusive title: “En chemin”, “C’est l’heure” and “Undefeated Love”.

The 14th studio album by Lara Fabian already holds a special place in the hearts of fans and has been warmly received by critics. The songs from the original Papillon edition have achieved nearly 10 million plays on various streaming music platforms around the world, while the album’s three music videos have compiled close to 10 million views.

Papillon was entirely conceived at home in Montreal, and produced by Moh Denebi. Lara was also able to count on American songwriter Sharon Vaughn to help co-write this album. The musical trio of the Fabian-Dennebi-Vaughn had previously amazed audiences during the production of Lara’s last English-speaking album Camouflage, and her subsequent world tour taking in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Discover the Papillon(s) Re-edition