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August 9 2021

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From my earliest childhood, I have been fortunate to experience the gift of expression consistently and almost in spite of myself. Indeed, my grandma, my aunts and my mom told me every day how to take care of others, combining their simplest gestures of love with the preparation of meals. Eating with my parents, Pierre and Luisa, was like sitting down in the snow, mulled wine in your hand, protected by the unique sun and warmed by a homemade barbecue. No one identified with anything, but everyone found their happiness there. I, late at night, sated and lying in the little room on the surface of our 700 square feet, I heard them. In the wee hours, they made the world again, and prepared me for this great journey that was going to be my life. These moments, I will never forget them… Over my countless tribulations and moves, I have reproduced these gestures of love and this unusual lifestyle, but the table, have had my own revolutions there. But this time, drawing inspiration from all the cultures, from all the countries that I have passed through and succeeded in, I felt the need to belong. Here is a tour of “my world”, in cooking recipes that bear providence and in funny stories, never told before. 

Come on, I’ll go to the table. 

– Lara 

Available  November 3 2021 in Québec, pre-order today:

* Release in Europe will also take place in 2022.